• Luuk van de Grift

    Luuk van de Grift is a clasically based illustrator who finds inspiration in nature, the anatomy of the human body and ancient knowledge of a mythical or philosophical nature. He translates these classical subjects to strong black and white images that are printed on clothing and canvas other surfaces. Classic pen and ink drawings are […]

  • Vince Blok

    Vince Blok’s playful style depicts nature in illustration. His work flows seamlessly between digital and analogue, imposing shapes and form on its subjects to give them a life of their own. His style is characterised by varying compositions, spontaneous linework, a broad colour palette and a secret message here and there. In this exposition he […]

  • Felix Newhouse

    Wouter ‘Felix Newhouse’ Nieuwenhuis work is based around geometry. His strong graphic black and white work depicts shapes and forms that flow between static and dynamic. He searches for the border between realistic and figurative. His work is mostly analogue; woodcarvings, inked illustration and painting are his main media.