A Millers Falls Home Page. Dual Spokeshave. Millers Falls - CRAFTSMAN RESTORED CORRUGATED a fine old chest drill by miller falls usa please see photo,s. Dec 13, 2020 · Made by Millers Falls. Do you belong to the FWW. Great tool to use. millers falls - craftsman restored corrugated plane. 22. Porch pickup near Villa Nova. We have others tools as well on eBay this week. Durall Eagle No 618 Clamp & Saw Miter Box. I believe this is a Millers Falls made Craftsman hand plane. Here is the tool as pictured on Jim’s site: After buying the drill, I began to wonder what happened to The Millers Falls Tool Company. Stanley Bailey No 5 Corrugated Bottom Plane. I believe this one is from the 50's or 60's. Craftsman-style Lamp Gallery; Millers Falls Plane #5 – Tote toe wiggle Even though this is a late model plane, I’d like to stay fairly original. But that plane is probably made by Stanley in the 1980s and is in their "Handyman" line. 100 Yankee Push Drill w/8 bits This is hard to find late mid-1900's era, spiral type push drill with a full set of new 8 drill points, that store in the bullet shaped handle! It has the special 8 compartment storage handle that i Seller: seppchuck11 (1,400) 100%, Location: Grove, Oklahoma, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item: 333849180971 Vintage Millers Falls No 8 Wood Plane. The MF 47 / Craftsman 3732 plane  19 Mar 2007 I just bought this old Millers Falls plane on ebay. Sep 21, 2020 · millers falls no. I will have 9 other vintage Stanley, Craftsman, MIllers Falls, and others up for auction in the next few days. 14 Hand Plane. I was not able to make out any markings on the plane. dropped the "MFG" in 1872 when they absorbed the Backus Vise CO. Anybody know the approximate year of manufacture for this jack plane?I picked this up off ebay for a pretty good price,  Millers Falls Co. 95: mfscr53: millers falls no. 1. quite a bit about the older planes such as Millers Falls, Sargent, Cra As such, it will not be particularly helpful for the study the firm's economy and mid- quality planes. 1950. It is 6” long with a 1 ⅝” wide cutting iron. 1 sold, 0 availab Oct 25, 2016 · For Father’s Day 2015, my wife and son got me a Craftsman 3728 Combination Plane. 140 7 in. Gunn and Charles H. 4 I thought that was only on Craftsman. rare & exc+ *pic* 98. Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery Craftsman No. Popularity - 1,829 views, 9. CRAFTSMAN MILLERS FALLS Wood Plane Lot Vintage Bench Jack Smoothing Woodworking - $17. This would be like the Millers Falls 9 Smoothing Plane. It’s ground at the 25 degree angle normally used on bench planes. These are the first planes created by Millers Falls. Craftsman Smooth Plane Millers Falls No. Message or text only please. The 1 3/4 inch cutter is almost full length at 2 inches. 7 size) by UpstateNYdude (This is now SOLD tha) Lets try one last bump at $90 + free shipping to lower 48. Rogers. Has the depth stop and the rod for the fence. In 1876, they also absorbed the Langdon Miter Box Co. 90" on the side of bed and "MADE IN USA" just in front of the tote. An enormous amount of information and a type study on “A Plane Life” Thanks Greg!! Before the Craftsman brand came about in 1927, Fulton was the top Craftsman tool. This plane can be used right out of the box. Not abused. 709 and no. just a tad rusty. These three companies made high-quality tools. Craftsman #5 jack plane. Sargent Block Planes incl 307. sides were unfinished Meet the Millers Falls No. and the Millers Falls Co. They are quickly and easily identified because the words “Millers Falls” circles the know on the plane. Pratt built a factory in the north of Greenfield. Length Width Dates No. 8 is another exception to the company’s numbering system. No fence included though. BL 619 3742. and George E. was retained as the operative name. This is much earlier than I thought! It seems Sargent was the first to get the contract for the Craftsman brand. Or it’s a Sargent or Millers Falls plane; all manufacturers of quality hand tools at the time. Cutters one solid piece of fine, . Susan Sep 30, 2018 · I have a millers falls router also a Stanley a record and an acorn model and they are all the same all blades fit each others plane millers falls planes are as good as any of Stanley 2 October 2018 at 7:18 pm #552460 STANLEY # 4 Plane Screws Brass Nuts for Handle Knob Fits Millers Falls Craftsman - $20. 75 Their version of a Stanley No. Sargent 1914 Patent Plane. I have a green Craftsman block plane, maker unknown, but again, excellent quality. Craftsman/Millers Falls Millers Falls No. Dating the logo. 4 Block Planes incl 1886 Stanley. com - In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. It is reasonably sharp, but will need honing before use. Millers Falls Jack Plane No. They began making them in 1929 and the type 1 plane was made through about 1936. 11B junior jack plane. This notion is supported by the change from the now-coveted original feature set presented in the initial release. This auction is for a top quality rare 1930's antique smooth plane made by Millers Falls, sold by Sears, and like the size Stanley No. Smooth Bottom. Feb 09, 2016 · Millers Falls made planes for other outlets beginning (I believe) around 1935 or 1936. Near Mint CRAFTSMAN by Millers Falls No. Aug 11, 2011 · I heeded this clarion call and began searching vintage tool dealers for a Millers Falls hand drill. The 64/14 gear ratio and the designs of the main gear and frame castings place it after the acquisition of the Goodell-Pratt Company. 714 was a jack plane comparable to the Stanley no. Dunlap was a brand name of Sears (I think) and it has been recognized that one of I can now say with certainty that this plane was made by Millers Falls and  2 Jun 2012 Sargent, Millers Falls, Craftsman, and Winchester all made quality planes up until the mid 1960s. 1936). 95: mfpl1455 Here is a Craftsman 5CBB plane on eBay. A nice addition to your antique tool display, or put it right back into service. That name is Randy Roeder. End and side adjustment of cutters. Also marked "No. Based on an earlier Sargent design that was never manufactured, the no. 85 Rabbet and Fillister Plane. Replacement parts for these planes are available online. Functions and operates smoothly. c. Should make a good user once cleaned up. Prior to that it was known as the model 5255. Later – the model numbers changed by adding zeros as in Model #140. Jan 04, 2014 · Designed by Robert Huxtable, a draftsman at the Millers Falls Company, the no. See pics. The #90 is the same size as a Stanley #4 but is a bit heavier. Craftsman planes were made by Millers Falls, Stanley and Sargent. Millers falls 206B low angle block plane dating 1940-1959. > The "CBB" designation means it's a a Millers Falls - manufactured plane for It had never been sharpened and was in near new condition. The differences between a Stanley No 4 and a Millers Falls No 9 are minimal. Stanley Bailey No 5 1910 Patent Plane. Any assistance will be appreciated. 220 $9 with  26 Dec 2009 I know it is not a rare or unusual plane, but I would like to get it cleaned up The 107 prefix indicates a Millers Falls manufacture for Craftsman. Condition is "Used". finish=98%. 7 is slightly in excess of eight inches in length. 47, which you can see illustrated in this 1938 MF catalog. Plane is in excellent condition. 1935 Spring/Summer catalog, being made by Sargent & Company. Marked Craftsman 1071, but identified as made by Millers Falls by the protected-springs chuck. Vintage Craftsman planes were made by several manufacturers, including Stanley, Millers Falls, and Sargent. I found a well-maintained Millers falls No. Millers Falls Smooth Bottom Plane. PicClick Insights - Vintage Millers Falls craftsman lot Fore Woodworking Bench Plane Tool PicClick Exclusive. Hence – they are stamped #8, #9, #10, #14, #18, #22 etc. Athol Machining Level. After getting this plane I think the problem is the user knowledge and not the plane. An interesting Millers Falls No. Langdon was the creator and patented (1, 2) his idea in 1864. e. Millers Falls No. This one is slightly bigger and wider than the Millers Falls. Our Mr. During the course of the day, Alex sharpened up the iron on the Tormek and got the plane cleaned up. 25" Long Made In USA - $72. Type 1. Last edited by the fallen iconic american retailer, but i'm told a bit harder than. Both planes use 2″ wide blades. Sent with Australia Post Standard Large Box/Satchel. I didn’t read the fine print (my fault, not the seller’s) and when it arrived I saw that it was missing one of the jaws from the chuck, rendering it unusable. Smooth Bottom Woodworking Plane . About ten minutes later, something told me to go back and examine the plane better to see if it was worth saving. . 3708 - This classic plane is fully functional, very clean, and overall is still in very good+ condition showing a small minor chip on the side of rear handle ear. 20 Jan 2012 Easy and very good way to make sure your plane is running true. 2 which the plane mimics is seven inches long, the Millers Falls No. Leander W. I didn't realize vinegar could be used to remove rust so I used rust remover of some sort which cleaned it all pretty quickly. 07 Skewed Rabbet No. 5 Hand Plane. Gunn and Amidon, along with a third partner, Henry L. Jan 12, 2018 · Craftsman 3732 Low Angle Block Plane The plane is clearly the same as a Millers Falls no. Super high amount of views. Randy Roeder has carved out a niche for himself with his fine website devoted to the history of the Millers Falls Company, from its founding in Massachusetts in 1868 to its move to New Jersey in 1982. 00 that restored to a great user. Jack Planes. smooth plane: 1929-1944: good+ to fine: $275-$350 : type 1 condition is a bigger factor in determining the value of Millers Falls planes than is the case with Craftsman No. Millers Falls made Craftsman planes for a while and they're excellent. In the fall, I found another hand drill at a flea market that I assumed was a Millers Falls 2A. I have a Craftsman Deluxe Plane 3743 in the original box. 4 Size Smooth Plane - 90695. S. If anyone has a current link to the Craftsman logo page, please post it. 16 block plane was manufactured beginning in 1929 with production ending in 1971. Vintage Millers Falls Steel Plane USA. This 1940's era jack plane comes with the original hardwood tote and front knob that have the black painted finish. There is a small pitted spot on the side towards the back This is a very nice plane and is ready to be used. Or, perhaps he'll see this thread and respond! Here's a link to info on Millers Falls planes: So there is a pretty decent chance that a vintage Craftsman plane that you pick up is in fact a re-badged Stanley plane, manufactured by Stanley, in the Stanley plant, by Stanley craftsmen. 7 of that period and it is every bit the quality of the MF 7. FOR SALE! Two Bench Planes included in this auction. Dec 01, 2012 · I ended up selling the plane to a colleague on the course who likes Millers Falls, as I already have a large Stanley jointer, and a Stanley 4 1/2. Vintage Craftsman (Made by Sargent) Adjustable Throat Gage Tool Vineland NJ Wood Plane. Miller Falls No 14 Smooth Plane. I was able to sharpen it the same as many other  Millers Falls No. Jul 30, 2020 · Likewise, for as long as I’ve been involved with the internet – some 20 years or so – there’s been one name that’s synonymous with the planes made by Millers Falls. The combination planes were, at one time, also manufactured by Sargent, as clones of their Sargent 1080 planes. 18" Iron Level. I have little experience with  19 Feb 2016 Sears 107-37031 block plane. When M-F made planes for Sears ( Craftsman) they did not install a frog adjust bolt Frankenplane. com subscription group? If so, you can go over to As The Experts and drop him a note via a new thread. . craftsman bb5 by miller falls plane steel adjuster nut 1 1/4" original part. In most cases, you can buy one for a lot less than a comparable Stanley No 4 plane and get the same quality of plane. Rosewood/   13 Jan 2017 In fact, Sears was one of the very first companies who contracted with manufacturers like Stanley, Sargent, and Millers Falls, and re-branded  16 Apr 2018 I just fixed up a 60's era (Red) Sears 9" smoother for my brother (one made by Millers Falls). Feb 26, 2016 · Craftsman Hand Plane Model Number Comparison, for those asking “Who made my Craftsman Plane”? Some Additional Information from Glen on Millers Falls. 5 plane in size and basic shape). New and used Millers Falls Plane items up for sale. ) Save for the blade marking ("Fulton Made In USA") this plane is a close parallel to Millers Falls' No. 4 Size Smooth Plane - 90695 90695. Find great deals on eBay for miller falls plane 14. Hargrave Wood Clamps. My glasses were still sitting at home leaving me too blind to read. Millers Falls Block and Specialty Planes Model Plane Type Stanley Equiv. I checked out some websites and saw similar Millers Falls planes going for much more money. 814 (Tools-Woodworking) at Great Expectations Antiques This is a nice clean, ready to use Millers Falls Jack plane (comparable to the Stanley No. John White (FWW Shop Manager) knows quite a bit about the older planes such as Millers Falls, Sargent, Craftsman. In practice, there is. I don't know what prices are like in your neck of the woods, but around here you could definitely do better. I found this on a shelf when looking for a different item. 709 was a smoothing plane comparable in size to a Stanley no. Thanks for your help! Please contact me at semd80@gmail. 4 Craftsman Planes Corrugated and Smooth Bottom. This site is devoted to Langdon miter boxes, and is pretty great. Millers Falls Hand Drill, Ekco Hand Crank Egg Beater, Vintage Egg Beater, A&J Egg Beater, Millers Falls Company Collectible Drills, Craftsman Collectible Drills, Millers Falls Plane, Vintage Hand Drill Nov 09, 2016 · I am now the proud owner of a No. 2, marked: FULTON - MADE IN U. , craftsman, millers falls, back in the time. 4 Hand Plane. Miller Falls No 37 Block Plane . Miller Falls No 51 Corner Drill Brace Attachment Millers Falls Co. You might want to email the seller. Millers Falls #14 Handplane Restoration. Apr 08, 2017 · Last month my wife and I were at an antique show in Columbus, Ohio when I passed by this Millers Falls No 9 plane. I’m also restoring a mulled falls plane and the handle was broken in a very Planes, resort to assemble a plane dating craftsman skilled in 1927, or another in hardware. Millers Falls Co. You have to remove the tote to access the third (hidden) screw that holds the frog assembly. Sometimes you can find jack planes (the 14 inch bench plane) and other tools, still in the original boxes, with the remnants of a Navy Stock Number on the box - often unused, in effect brand new. 4. 296 adjustable scraper. The plane  Results 1 - 48 of 267 Buy Miller Falls Tools in Collectable Woodworking Planes and get the Millers Falls - CRAFTSMAN RESTORED CORRUGATED Plane. We use couriers and royal mail to fulfil our shipping obligation This is a miter box, branded Craftsman, but I believe made by Millers Falls, who acquired the company that was the original manufacturer, Langdon Mitre Box Company, in 1907. rare & exc+ *pic* 79. Original lever cap may have broke, and a Sargent one was handy. Before and After: VINTAGE CRAFTSMAN BY Millers Falls No 3 Smooth Plane 3CBB 9. (1929 - ca. 714 planes were sold from approximately 1950 to 1960. I have someone interested in buying it, but I'm not sure how much it's worth. Co. 1… Virginia Toolworks Restoration, Preservation, Care and Use of Vintage Hand Tools This is a nice clean bench plane marked "MILLERS FALLS" on the nickel plated, polished cap cover, blade iron, and side of bed. jtplaneworks. The company was famous for hand braces, chest drills, and hand drills, so naturally Roeder’s site is encyclopedic on >There used to be a web page that dated the Craftsman logos, but the last time I tried the link, it no longer worked. Eclipse No. This week. Good condition with  Results 1 - 48 of 578 Get the best deals on Craftsman Woodworking Tool Planes when you shop Craftsman Millers Falls Wood Plane Lot Vintage Bench Jack  20 Aug 2018 Does any know why the Millers Falls Planes are so much cheaper than Sargent and Millers Falls block planes in Craftsman regalia can be  12 Jan 2018 Millers Falls was, I believe, known for rather shamelessly copying Stanley's plane designs in their early years. In most cases, you can buy one  13 Jun 2020 Edit: Similar to MF #14. This would be a great addition to your vintage tool collection or would be equally at home being used in your shop. Equivalent in size to a Stanley no. Price $75. Just wondering how much it's worth? It's in very good condition. 25" Long Made In USA. 00 03-31-2020, 09:02 AM Re: SOLD - Craftsman 7Cbb (Millers Falls made) Plane (No. I'm sure it can be cleaned up. Sargent VBM 5206 Low Angle Plane. This one adjusts like a Stanley (i. Wood is in nice condition. com. (Their main store was on Fulton Street in Chicago. ** The No. The early iron seems full length and is very sharp. Craftsman and other department store planes were made and rebranded by the bigger companies. 53 hook scraper. original box . Millers Falls Number 9775 Block Plane; Millers Falls Number 8707 Block Plane; Millers Falls Number 707 Block Plane; Millers Falls Number 11B Jack Plane I ended up selling the plane to a colleague on the course who likes Millers Falls, as I already have a large Stanley jointer, and a Stanley 4 1/2. The red frog seemed to suggest the same. Pics give good indication of condition and content. The complaint I have most often seen is the mouth opening is too big to take a fine shaving, actually the mouth will close up as tight as any other plane. Checkout this Craftsman Bench Plane which is in Great Condition has a 1 3/4" cutter and some japanning going on, Nice user, Woodworking Tools, Hand Tools The Millers Falls No 9 smooth plane is one of the nicest production smooth planes you can buy for the money. FOR SALE! Stanley Plane Parts NEW! 1 Set of Handle and Knob Screws, Brass 323904951405 Millers Falls - CRAFTSMAN RESTORED CORRUGATED Pla . I believe in my heart of hearts that Millers Falls had a contract with the Navy and Merchant Marine to provide tools for ship emergency repair lockers during WWII. Millers Falls were one of several companies that launched a range of bench planes after Stanley's patents on  The table below provides a cross-reference for the common size bench planes manufactured by Stanley, Millers Falls, Sargent, and Record. Made in USA. -- https://www. A. spinning the knob counterclockwise advances the iron). FOR SALE! Vintage Craftsman By Millers Falls No 3 Smooth Plane 3CBB 9. 5. Complete Unique MIllers Falls Rabbet and filletster plane No. C $44. 47 13 bids + shipping . Find Sep 28, 2016 · Most of the articles suggested that the brass logo Craftsman plane was made by Millers Falls for Craftsman. spinning the knob clockwise advances the iron), so I don’t think it’s a Sargent made plane (Sargent planes adjusted the opposite of Stanley, i. Looks like it was made by Millers Falls. Research indicates it is similar to the Stanley No. They absorbed several other companies between then and 1931 when they merged with the Goodell Pratt Co. The Craftsman model 3704 block plane was first offered in the Sears, Roebuck & Co. Stanley plane dating You'll find great deals on typing union. 1886 Stanley Knuckle Cap Block Plane. 14 Millers Falls type 1 hand plane. - FULTON No. In the next catalog, 1935/36 Fall/Winter, the Craftsman model 3704 block plane was being manufactured by Millers Falls Tools. All the nickel plating buffed up to make a good looking tool too. ). Lateral lever may have needed replaced, too. 4, and the no. Overall good condition, works as it should. 85 With Original Box, No model number imprinted on the body, I do believe plane inspector took this one home not putting the finishing the plane. Bench Plane  19 Jul 2019 Specification charts for Millers Falls planes have falls study added to the falls company originally based on the practical goal of the craftsman. Recent searches: echo falls millers falls plane 1 ton chain falls miller falls rental niagara falls South Dakota, SD > Buy & Sell > Tools For Sale in South Dakota, SD > Craftsman Plunge Router - $95 (Sioux Falls) Rose Antique Tools old and new woodworking tools for sale, Stanley tools, Stanley planes, Flexcut, carving tools, woodworking supplies, dremel 9 Feb 2016 Please note an important item #1: some of the model numbers for the Sears planes were also used by Sargent, and at least one (the Craftsman  Vintage Craftsman By Millers Falls No 3 Smooth Plane 3CBB 9. 8 views per day, 186 days on eBay. 27 Nov 2012 The Millers Falls No 9 smooth plane is one of the nicest production smooth planes you can buy for the money. Mar 08, 2014 · I have a Millers Falls 2A hand drill that I bought on eBay last year. T Nickel plating is about 98% intact cap cover, and the black Japanning is about 95% intact on the body and red frog. It Millers Falls Type 5 planes used the Phillips headed boltsincluding the frog's two bolts. I looked at it and decided that the rust on the right side was too much to deal with, so I walked away. Vintage Millers Falls No 8 Wood Plane. I also found a #90 (intermediate line of MF planes) for $3. New Arrival Quick View. 95: mfscr296: millers falls no. millers falls plane # 87 " reduced " antique, vintage tool very nice condition. These early Craftsman planes are very underrated in my opinion. This is one of my many extras I never got around to cleaning up. is a tool manufacturing company originally based in Millers Falls, Massachusetts. Millers Falls type 1 plane. scarce, new & unused *pic* 59. is a tool manufacturing company originally based in Millers Falls, Blackhawk · Bostitch · Craftsman · DeWalt · Facom · Irwin · Lenox · Mac Tools the Creative Commo Millers Falls, Craftsman and other Planes that use Screws and Nuts, Stanley Plane Parts NEW, 1 Set of Handle and Knob Screws, Brass Nuts and washers as   28 Jun 2018 Sargent, and Miller's Falls. It was established in Greenfield, Massachusetts in 1868 as Gunn & Amidon by Levi J. I couldn't read the number you read (my eyes are old). The combination planes were,  7 May 2013 the 107 prefix in the model number (107-37039) meant that the plane was manufactured by Millers Falls. The hardest part was grinding the blade down because it had a couple of chips in it. Millers Falls name and model missing from plane, inspectors number what looks like 212 Jul 30, 2020 · Recent Additions. 30 Jul 2020 as illustrated in the 1961 Millers Falls catalog. Price $49. 4 Millers Falls Planes. This plane has a fair amount of paint splatter. Price $135. Plane measures 23 cm long. Buy and sell Millers Falls Plane products on FindTarget Auctions online auction site. Note postage a bit slow at the moment Made by Millers Falls for Sears & Roebuck who sold it under their early Twentieth Century (pre Craftsman) "Fulton" brand name. Although Millers Falls catalog copy states that the plane is seven inches long and although the Stanley no. 77A on the Jim Bode Tools Website. Shop with Vintage CRAFTSMAN BY MILLER FALLS Frog MECHANISM 2" Woodworking Plane Part 14". $ 39. There is some light wear light paint spots. 33 (101) small block plane. 19 4 0. Looks like 1927- early 30's or so for your plane. Amidon. Arguably, when it comes to Millers Falls hand planes, there’s nobody on the planet who knows more about them than Randy. Millers Falls made some good quality tools that get overlooked by The Millers Falls Mfg. Stanley Block Plane. Condition is Used. Craftsman Millers Falls Wood Plane Lot Vintage Bench Jack Smoothing Woodworking. 00. Only issue is that a previous owner engraved their name on one side (as can be seen in pic). The plane features an adjustable throat and Stanley type depth adjustment. New Arrival I did my first (and so far only) plane restore on a Craftsman very similar to your's, albeit by Millers Falls. The number of a Millers Falls plane corresponds to the length of the plane in the older models. I am by no means an expert on planes so if you have any questions I will be happy to try and answer them. 25" Long 293153411925 Jan 13, 2017 · This particular plane could have been made by any number of companies that Sears did business with over the years, including Stanley, Sargent, and Millers Falls. Jan 04, 2021 · Craftsman Hand Plane No 4 By Millers Falls. 04. Actually Craftsman were usually made by  7 Oct 2015 Craftsman hand planes were made by a few different companies over the years ( Millers Falls, Sargent, etc. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. The sole and cheeks of this plane have been hand lapped flat and highly polished to near mirror like finish. Jul 23, 2008 · Millers Falls are great old tools. Millers Falls, MA; New York, NY; Greenfield, MA; Cincinnati, OH, U. Not surprising really, they made the majority of the Fulton line in the same period, too before Millers Falls got in on it in the late 30's.